Divi How-To Schema Module

Make tutorials, recipes, and other how-to texts optimized with Divi structured data using the Divi Plus How-to Schema module. It includes simple to use options that add Divi schema markup to your how-to text easily, as well as allow you to style them for better usability and frontend user experience.

Mark Up How-to Pages With Structured Data

When it comes to creating and designing How To structured data pages, one can find it challenging to achieve from usual methods. But with the help of Divi Plus How To Schema module, anyone can create structured data pages quickly and efficiently.

Search Engine Friendly

Stylishly make your place in the search results

Page with structured data helps a lot of a website to gain impressions and visitors. But a poorly designed page can also increase bounce rates. However, with this module, you don’t have to worry about both because it comes with a handful of features that handles both the search and web page appearances very effectively.