Divi Beginner

Are You a Beginner to Divi?

Make Building Divi Websites—Super Comfy

Divi Plus offers ready-to-use child themes and templates that let you quickly build your Divi website. Improve design with easy-to-use modules, extensions, and design blocks.

Spend Less Time on Building With Ready-to-Use Child Themes

With Divi Plus, you get multiple professionally built child themes covering various industries, allowing you to build websites of any kind.
Latest Divi design

Latest Designs

Each child theme is built with the latest design trends in mind. So hello 👋 to new looks!

One-click demo installer

One-click Demo Installer

The child themes are ready to use and only require a few clicks to import.

Dedicated support

Dedicated Support

Never stuck on your dream website with the quality support and documentation we offer.

Divi child themes

Utilize Pre-built Templates to Set Up the Homepage in a Jiffy ⚡

Divi pre-built templates
Download Divi layouts

Download Layouts Easily

The Homepage templates you get with Divi Plus can be downloaded and imported to the site in a few steps, saving time and effort.

Edit Divi layout

Edit Layouts Perfectly

Once the layouts are imported, you can easily customize them to meet your design expectations without hiring a Divi expert.

Divi homepage layout

Showcase Homepage Effectively

Customize the layout with your content and media just the way you want to and make the homepage showcase worth a thousand visits.

Flexible Design Sections to Create Divi Layouts of Your Own

The flexible design section you get with Divi Plus makes building a Divi website even more robust. Use different sections to easily build a complete layout for any purpose.

This is not the first module or plugin I’ve used by Divi Extended, everything I have purchased so far did their job perfectly. Divi Plus adds so many great features, I haven’t had the chance to try them all out yet. But it gives me a lot of options when designing a website, or a page, or a post. Last, but not least, great support also!

Arda Burak

Easy Modules to Modify the Website—Quickly, Effectively, and Superbly

Achieve any design with 60+ easy-to-use Divi modules, which offer functionalities for different web development needs. Every module is unique and provides intuitive functions, allowing you to quickly build your dream website with all your comfort and satisfaction.
Divi modules
Divi design modules

Design Modules

Get better at design with super easy design modules that enable you to professionally enhance your website’s look.

Divi image modules

Image Modules

Want to style and optimize the images for better engagement? Use the image modules to do that effortlessly.

Divi social media modules

Social Media Modules

Are you on social media? Divi Plus social modules make it easy to integrate your social media presence on your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How beginner-friendly this plugin is?

Being based on the Divi Theme makes our plugin already an easy-to-use addition to your WordPress site. Apart from this we have detailed guide articles to assist you with every feature of Divi Plus here.

Does one have to be a coding expert to be able to use this plugin?

We aim to help users of all levels in creating their websites. Now because Divi Plus is made on Divi Theme’s drag-drop concept backed by the support of WordPress creating a website with it, is like playing with Lego. For any help, you may use documentation and support whenever you need and create something awesome on your own without being a coding expert.

Is this plugin compatible with the latest versions of Divi and WordPress?

Yes, it is as we timely release the compatibility updates for Divi Plus to keep it compatible with the latest versions of Divi Theme and WordPress.

Are there any prerequisites to use this plugin?

We tried our best to reduce the dependencies but our focus on offering more features did lead to some. Here is a small list of modules that need the support of other plugins:

WooCommerce Modules: WooCommerce
Form Styler: Contact form 7
Gravity Forms Styler: Gravity Forms

For Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram modules, you need to have a Facebook App ID, Twitter Account Username, and Instagram Feed Access Token.

Are there any specific memory requirements for your plugin?

Being a multi-module plugin Divi Plus does need some considerable space to run optimally on your WordPress site. It is recommended to have at least set all these three parameters I.e. PHP: memory_limit, PHP: post_max_size, and PHP: upload_max_filesize to be set to 256M or higher.