Divi Before After Slider Module

Show alternate versions of a single image using the Divi Before and After Image Slider module of Divi Plus. A premium module to add a before after slider in Divi with multiple orientations – vertical & horizontal, slider hover and click support, as well as image custom label showcase.

Display Them Different

Let’s Show Alternate Version Of Images

Want to compare before and after versions of a picture, then don’t just add them side by side on your website. Use Divi Plus Before After Slider module to compare images in a smart and elegant way with a cool sliding feature.

Multiple Orientation Option

With DP Before After Slider module, bring more clarity in a picture’s before and after version. It has multiple sliding orientations for an image. So, you’re not restricted with a single sliding feature to display two versions of a picture

Custom Label Option

Custom Label option of Divi Plus Before and After slider allows you to label images according to your needs. So, you can showcase better distinction in two images. Not restricted to only use “Before” and “After” text on images.