Particles Background Extension

Add stunning particles for an awesome background

Use moving particles to style Divi elements background

The Particles Background extension provides you with different particles shape that you can apply to an element’s background. You can add Star as a particle of the particle’s background. Or choose Triangle, Circle, and Edge as the awesome moving background of Divi theme’s different areas.

Particles Background 4 Particles Shape

Set particles movement in different directions

Drop them from the top, or set them motionless. Using this extension’s different movement choices, you can enable particles movement from Top, Bottom, Top Left, Bottom Left, Top Right, Bottom Right, and None. Plus, you can also decide how fast or slow you want the particle to move using the speed control option.

Apply multiple particles interactivity on hover and click

Push particles away or grab them in a moment. Using the OnHover and Click interactivity, you can increase user interaction with the particles background for the good. The interactivity options available for Hover are Grab, Bubble, and Repulse, and for Click, interactivity options are Push, Bubble, Repulse, and Remove. Hover on the above and below particles background to feel the interactivity.

Particles Background 4 Particles Shape

Change particles color, size, number, and density

Yes, you can do that, it’s simple, it’s exciting. Add a lot of particles in the background, no limit. Make them thick, no limit. Show them small or big, it’s your choice. And make them colorful; however you want.