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Want to Build a Shop That Engages?

Launch Stores for Eye-Catching Product Showcase

Divi Plus offers modules and resources for WooCommerce that allow you to build online shops in the most engaging style—enabling customers to explore and shop better.

Feature-rich WooCommerce Modules to Enhance Shop Experience

Utilize different WooCommerce Divi modules that make it possible to improve the design and functionality of the shop at the same time.
Highly customizable

Highly Customizable

Style your Divi WooCommerce shop in the best way with advanced customizations supporting various design practices.

Lightweight fast modules

Lightweight and Fast

Never worry about the store’s load time with modules using fewer scripts, ensuring a fast and smooth shopping experience.

Frequent updates

Frequent Updates

With regular updates, keep your WooCommerce store always ready for the best product display.

WooCommerce carousel

WooCommerce Carousel

Showcase WooCommerce products on the carousel with advanced customization options such as Quickview and Sale Badge.

WooCommerce Products

Build highly optimized shop pages with rich product grids that support masonry layout, ratings, pagination, and more.
WooCommerce products
WooCommerce products categories

Woo Products Categories

Bundle your WooCommerce product categories on a single page with beautiful layouts and customization options.

Woo Products Accordion

Showcase products more effectively using the WooCommerce Accordion module, enabling you to display product details in smooth accordions.
WooCommerce products accordion
WooCommerce products gallery

Woo Product Gallery

Display product images in an engaging gallery on product pages or custom pages in a masonry layout with multiple columns and more.

Pre-built WooCommerce Child Themes to Effectively Set Up Your Online Store

Build quick; build quality with professionally designed prebuilt Divi child themes for WooCommerce covering different business industries.
One-click demo intallation

One-Click Demo Installer

Easily import the child themes without following complex processes.

Easy documentation

Easy Documentation

From import to customization, utilize child themes efficiently with easy user guides.

Expert support

Expert Support

If you face any challenges, contact our dedicated support team whenever needed.

WooCommerce child themes

This is not the first module or plugin I’ve used by Divi Extended, everything I have purchased so far did their job perfectly. Divi Plus adds so many great features, I haven’t had the chance to try them all out yet. But it gives me a lot of options when designing a website, or a page, or a post. Last, but not least, great support also!

Arda Burak

More Divi Modules to Enhance Style and Functionality of the Store

With WooCommerce modules, Divi Plus offers a wide range of other powerful modules that allow you to build and customize anything on your Divi shop.
Divi Plus functional modules

Functional Modules

Enhance how your Divi shop functions with modules like Ajax Search and Modal Popup.

Divi Plus design modules

Design Modules

Level up the store’s design with modules offering flip boxes, advanced buttons, etc.

Divi WooCommerce modules
Divi Plus SEO modules

SEO Modules

Make your Divi WooCommerce store rich snippets ready with rich SEO modules.

Divi Plus slider modules

Slider Modules

Improve user interaction by utilizing the unique slider modules of Divi Plus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the modules and other elements that you provide with this plugin are responsive and can be used on any device?

Yes, all the modules, layouts, and child themes that we provide with Divi Plus are responsive and can be used on all computer and mobile devices.

What do you have for the WooCommerce-based online stores in this plugin?

We have five dedicated modules for WooCommerce to increase the functionality of your WooCommerce-based store and also there are many layouts, and child themes provided with Divi Plus to showcase your store beautifully while still saving time for more research.

How will I know this plugin will be useful for my website theme?

We have created this detailed demo site (diviplus.io) that shows all the features, layouts, and child themes of Divi Plus. We have tried to create child themes for all the trending topics so that you may choose which one suits your business and save you time by not creating a website from scratch. Moreover, our support panel and Live chat is there to answer all your queries regarding Divi Plus.

Do you have any modules to add Sale Promotions?

We surely do! We have a Modal popup to create interesting popups. Text Highlighter, Floating Image, Flip Box, Lottie, and Image Hotspot modules for interactive discount elements. There are endless ways to use these and other modules to highlight your discounts and promote sales in your store.

What are the benefits of using this plugin?

This is a multi-module plugin so you will not need to install different plugins on your site to have different functionalities. You may disable the modules that you do not wish to use to remove their active JS which will help you in improving your site processing. It also comes with free layouts and child themes covering all the aspects of a web designer to create a responsive Divi website.