Divi professional

Divi Plus is for Professionals

Do Next Level Web Designing With Advanced Divi Tools

Divi Plus offers advanced, feature-rich tools that streamline building Divi websites. With tons of modules, you can build modern websites from scratch and design fully functional websites in no time.

Build and Customize Using the Huge Library of Intuitive Divi Modules

For every need, there’s a Divi Plus module to assist you in achieving higher professional goals. Each module has unique features that allow you to impressively build and customize your Divi websites.
Highly customizable

Highly Customizable

The modules offer many features that can be utilized to build and customize websites extensively.

Lighweight Divi modules

Lightweight and Fast

The modules are built on core Divi fundamentals, offering lightweight and fast designs.

Divi module disabler

Module Disabler

To keep fewer scripts on the site, Divi Plus offers a dedicated settings panel to ‘Turn Off’ the unused modules.

Modal Popup

Create and display highly functional Divi Popups that can be triggered using multiple elements and used to display various content types.

Divi modal popup

Filterable Gallery

Showcase images in a user-friendly gallery that supports editable filters based on image categories you create in the media library.
Divi filterable gallery

Ajax Search

Add a powerful Ajax Search on your website that displays search results right under the search bar. Use it for various purposes such as WooCommerce.

Divi ajax search


Add sleek vertical timelines to your Divi website and showcase your company’s history, career milestones, or personal journey in a captivating story format.

Divi timeline

Advanced Tabs

Level up your content organization with Divi Plus Vertical Tabs! An intuitive module to create both vertical and horizontal tabs in just a few clicks.
Divi advanced tabs

Gravity Form Styler

Effortlessly elevate the look and feel of your Gravity Forms in Divi with the powerful yet user-friendly Divi Gravity Forms Styler module of Divi Plus.
Divi gravity form styler

Do More With Your Website Using Powerful Divi Extensions 🚀

In addition to the intuitive and highly customizable modules, Divi Plus comes with 4 extensions that help you maximize your website’s functionality. You can perform various actions for a section or module without getting into the code part.

Divi Plus extensions
Divi library shortcode

Library Shortcode

Use library layouts through a shortcode by enabling the Divi Plus Shortcode extension.

Divi particles background

Particles Background

You can display a beautiful, moving particle background in your designs with full control.

Divi element scheduler

Element Scheduler

Show or hide sections, rows, columns, or modules from a specific date and time.

Divi visibilty manager

Visibility Manager

Set a particular section, row, column, or module visible for defined users.

This is not the first module or plugin I’ve used by Divi Extended, everything I have purchased so far did their job perfectly. Divi Plus adds so many great features, I haven’t had the chance to try them all out yet. But it gives me a lot of options when designing a website, or a page, or a post. Last, but not least, great support also!

Arda Burak

Modules for Every Professional Need!

Divi Plus covers a wide range of modules so that your professional work won’t have any limits. Whether it’s about improving the text or creating a beautiful image gallery, there are modules for every requirement!

Divi design modules

Design Modules

Improve image showcase, CTAs, content readability, and more with Design modules.

Divi WooCommerce modules

WooCommerce Modules

Make every product worth exploring using the intuitive modules for WooCommerce.

Divi professional modules
Divi SEO modules

SEO Modules

Use modules like Breadcrumbs and How-to Schema to make web pages rich snippets ready.

Divi slider modules

Slider Modules

Use modules like testimonials and blog sliders to enhance user interaction.

Build Without Stopping, Build for the Future With Divi Plus!

Harness the power of Divi Plus and skyrocket your professional web development skills, keeping you always one step ahead in the ever-changing market.
Frequent updates

Frequent Updates

Keeping your Divi websites up to the latest trends and improvements in the Divi theme itself.

Divi Plus documentation

Easy Documentation

Never get stuck on development if you find something complex. Access our help guides and stay on the path.

Divi Plus support

Expert Support

Overcome any challenges you face using the amazing tools Divi Plus offers with our dedicated support team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Being a large plugin will it slow down my website?

Divi Plus doesn’t load scripts on all pages except where the module(s) is used. So, no extra scripts and no slowing down of the website.

Can Divi Plus be used on multiple websites with a single purchase?

Sure, we do have Annual and Lifetime license options that offer access to use the Divi Plus plugin on unlimited websites.

Do you have documentation on using this plugin and the elements that you provide with it?

Yes we have detailed guide articles here on how you may use the Divi Plus plugin, its modules, child themes, extensions, and the free layouts that we provide with it.

How many child themes do you offer with this plugin?

We offer more than 80 child themes with Divi Plus. These are easy-to-use and fully customizable child themes that will save you a lot of time in creating a website.

How can I reach out for support?

You may create a ticket on our support portal here for any support request related to Divi Plus. For pre-sale queries, you may use the live chat support present on our website in the bottom right corner.